About Dental Insurance

All of our payment options help you to use your insurance. We are happy to process any insurance claim as a service to you at no charge. Please keep in mind that any estimate we provide to you is just an estimate and you are responsible for all fees in their entirety.

We are proud that our fees reflect the time the doctor spends with each patient as well as the overall care and service we provide. Our fees are not based on any insurance schedules so we are happy to discuss your particular dental benefits and coverage prior to treatment.


  • When dental insurance was introduced about 50 years ago, most annual maximums were $1,000. Today, most insurance annual maximums are still $1,000. If this rate were adjusted for inflation (as everything else is), your annual maximum should be over $5,000 today! Yet while insurance premiums have increased, benefits have actually decreased.
  • Many patients think that their dental plan pays 80-100% of their dental costs. We have found that many plans actually cover only about 40-50% of an average fee.
  • Insurance coverage is a matter between your employer and the insurance company. We are not involved with any insurance company, therefore your benefits are not determined by our office.
  • Please read your policy so that you are aware of any limitation of benefits provided. Some routine services and preventive procedures are not covered by insurance. We will cooperate in any way to help you obtain the maximum benefit from your insurance coverage.
  • We will be happy to fill out your insurance forms and submit the claims to your insurance company.
  • Please be aware that certain carriers may not allow you to assign your benefits to our office. Because of this restriction, we ask that you choose an alternative payment option. We will gladly process your insurance claim for reimbursement.
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