Desiree Bartolo | Dental Assistant/Treatment Coordinator

Imagine winning the lottery, the Power Ball jackpot, or Publisher’s Clearing House……That is the consensus felt here at Shandrick Dental Care Studios when Desiree Bartolo began her tenure with the office team.

Ms. Bartolo brings some 30 years experience in the dental field with her, acquired in several prominent dental practices from around the state of Pennsylvania, where she excelled in virtually every duty, task, and responsibility assigned to her; as Office Manager, Treatment Co-ordinater, Dental Office Concierge, or chair side assistant. We at Shandrick Dental Care are elated to have Desiree at the helm.

Now at Shandrick Dental Care, Desiree is instrumental in guiding our patients through an enjoyably worry- free dental experience… from that initial phone call, to her captivating charm as she assists you in scheduling your next visit. Her wisdom and expertise is unparallel in arranging treatment visits, answering any questions, or solving any problems our guests may have. Ms. Bartolo’s oversight, skill, and caring enthusiasm is instrumental in making sure your every comfort is provided for during your visits, in maximizing every penny of your insurance dollar, and seeing that your valuable time is honored.

There are very few aspects of clinical dentistry that Desiree has not already excelled at as well. From digital radiology to the pinnacle “full mouth reconstruction…..Ms. Bartolo possesses a wealth of expertise and dental acumen in initial periodontal therapy, diode soft tissue laser, extra and intra oral camera photography, instrument sterilization, panoramic imaging, and advanced cosmetic dentistry…to mention a few. Desiree has also trained with, and has received proficiency certification from the Philips Company, mastering the ZOOM Advanced LED Power Tooth Whitening system, and now reigns as “Shandrick Dental Care” tooth whitening specialist.

Her quest for continuing education and advanced training is insatiable. Desiree has spent countless hours attending the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, in Nevada, successfully completing such programs as “Dynamic Team Consepts”,”Dental Concierge”, Myotronics K7 Computer Jaw Analysis”,”Evolutionary Hygiene”, “Prime Speak”, and “Advanced Adhesion Dentistry “ with world renown Dr Ron Jackson. To further refine her interpersonal skills, working relationships, and communication skills, Desiree has also completed the Dale Carnegie Courses and currently serves as Graduate Assistant in area courses.

Even with this exhaustive background of learning, and rigorous list of office duties and responsibilities for our patients here in the office, Desiree’s weekends are just as demanding. Since 2009, Desiree serves on weekends, as “Team Leader” for Dental Health Management Systems, providing dental care to service members from all branches of the military, around the United States!

We are thrilled to have the enthusiasm, expertise, dedication, and care Desiree brings to Shandrick Dental Care Studios. Whether it’s an engaging and delightful encounter with her in person, a courteous and polite conversation with her over the phone, or enjoying one of her clever and informative Facebook posts or weekly news emails, we are convinced you will be thrilled as well.

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